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National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
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The National Academy of Public Administration is an independent, nonpartisan organization chartered by Congress to assist federal, state, and local governments in improving their effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability. For more than 30 years, the Academy has met the challenge of cultivating excellence in public management and administration.
C. Morgan Kinghorn
Исследовательские проекты
Academy staff and consultants perform most field research for studies and develop the Academy's relationships with governmental, professional, and scholarly organizations. Principal areas of staff expertise are reflected in eight ongoing program concentrations at the Academy:

The Center for Human Resources Management assists public sector customer organizations in improving performance and mission accomplishment through effective use of personnel.
The Center for Management Studies performs analyses of broad-scale structural, managerial, and performance problems and issues.
The Center for Improving Government Performance focuses on implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act by offering expert advice on goal setting, performance monitoring, and regular reporting.
The Center for the Economy and the Environment explores ways to mobilize private and public resources-in communities and at the state and national levels to protect the environment while building stronger regional economies.
The Center for Local and State Solutions, through conferences, research, and a World Wide Web site, connects people across the country who are developing new and better ways to make government work.
The Center for International Programs supports nations in developing their public management capacities, advises international organizations in their modernizing and streamlining efforts, and assists domestic agencies in organizing their international operations.

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(202) 347-3190
(202) 393-0993
США, Washington, D.C, 1100 New York Avenue, Northwest Suite 1090 East Washington, DC 20005-3934

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