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Department of Political Science of Trinity College Dublin
(Trinity College Dublin)

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Irish Election Study
In most western countries elections are studied by teams of academics who survey voters and try to identify the reasons for their decisions and therefore understand the outcome. The cost of such research has meant that this has not occurred in Ireland. However, in 2002, for the first time in Ireland such a study was undertaken. Funded under the PRTLI of the National Development Plan,over 2700 random selected members of the electorate were interviewed after the results were announced, using an extensive questionnaire which took about 80 minutes to complete. The study was designed by a team directed by Michael Marsh (TCD) and Richard Sinnott (UCD), together with John Garry (Reading University) and Fiachra Kennedy (UCD). The data is now being analyzed and it is intended to make this data generally available at the end of 2003 through the Irish Social Science Data Archive , which is located in UCD.

How Ireland Voted 2002
This is the fifth book in a series of academic analyses of Irish elections which dates back to Laver, Mair and Sinnott's How Ireland Voted on the 1987 election. Like all the books in the series it contains the best analysis of the election and an extensive appendix giving details of results and the new Dáil along with reports by some of the candidates themselves. Edited by two members of the Trinity department, Michael Gallagher and Michael Marsh (with Paul Mitchell of the LSE), there are contributions from other members of staff, and past and present graduate students: Gail McElroy, Jaq Hayden, Yvonne Galligan, Fiachra Kennedy, Pat Lyons, Liam Weeks, Heinz Brandenberg and John Garry.
Регулярные мероприятия, семинары, конференции
2003 PSAI Annual Conference

The Department of Political Science at Trinity College Dublin was proud to host the Political Studies Association of Ireland annual conference and general meeting in October 2003.
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