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Haas School of Business
(University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley))

Обновлено: 25-08-2010
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Тип организации
Центры, Высшего образования, Исследовательские и аналитические
Цели и задачи
to develop and analyze effective strategies and tactics for improving the competitiveness of business enterprises through successful management of their global supply chains.
Dorit Hochbaum
Учебные курсы
Исследовательские проекты
Modular Design for Product Variety
Operational Efficiency in Facility Layout, Routing and Distribution
Supply Chain Coordination
Utilizing Forecast Information in Production Planing
  • Dorit S. Hochbaum, Gerhard J. Woeginger An optimal algortihm for the Bottleneck transportation problem with a fixed number of sources Operations Research Letters, 24, 25-28, 1999
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  • Dorit S. Hochbaum Approximating clique and biclique Problems Journal of Algorithms 29, 174-200, 1998
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  • Dorit S. Hochbaum The t-vertex cover problem: Extending the half integrality framework with budget constraints Procdeedings of APPROX98 Aalborg Denmark, July 1998
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