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Williams Project on the Economics of Higher Education (WPEHE)
(Williams College)

Обновлено: 29-03-2011
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The Williams Project began in the summer of 1989 with a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. From the outset, the aim of the Project has been to do studies of the economics of colleges and universities that meet high analytical standards while staying close to the institutional realities and policy concerns that motivate interest in this sector. We intended that the research be relevant to managers and policy makers, as well as scholars.
David J. Zimmerman, Dept. of Economics, Williams College
Some recent publications

DP-65 Winston, Gordon C., "Toward a Theory of Tuition: Prices, Peer Wages, and Competition in Higher Education," January 2003.

DP-62 Hill, Catharine B. and Gordon C. Winston, "Access: Net Prices, Affordability, and Equity At A Highly Selective College," December 2001.

DP-58 Winston, Gordon C., "Economic Stratification and Hierarchy in U.S. Colleges and Universities," November 2000.

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