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Myers Greg

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование PhD [Columbia]
бакалавр [Pomona College]
Место работы Lancaster University / Professor, Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language

Профессиональные интересы:
social context of academic texts, especially in science, treating such issues as politeness, cohesion, narrative structure, commonplaces, and illustration



  • Words in Ads, London: Edward Arnold, 1994.
  • Ad Worlds. London: Edward Arnold, 1998, pp. 1-246.


  • "Out of the Laboratory and Down to the Bay: Writing in Science and Technology Studies," Written Communication 13 (1996): 4-43.
  • "Displaying Opinions: Topics and Disagreement in Focus Groups," Language in Society 27 (1998): 85-111.
  • [with Phil Macnaghten], "Commonplaces and Places: Rhetorics of Sustainability," Environment and Planning A 30 (1998): 333-353.
  • "Functions of Reported Speech in Group Discussions," Applied Linguistics 20(3) (1999): 376-401.
  • "Entitlement and Sincerity in Broadcast Interviews about Princess Diana," Media, Culture & Society 22 (2000): 167-185.
  • "Unspoken Speech: Hypothetical Reported Discourse and the Rhetoric of Everyday Talk," Text 19 (2000): 571-590.

Главы в книгах

  • "Strategic Vagueness in Academic Writing," in Eija Ventola and Anna Mauranen, eds., Academic Writing: Intercultural and Textual Issues (Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1996): 3-17.
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  • "Language, Interaction, and Institutions," [BAAL Plenary Lecture] in Meriel Bloor and Susan Hunston, (eds.), Language at Work (Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 1998), pp. 1-13.
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  • "Analysis of Conversation and Talk" in Martin W. Bauer and George Gaskell, eds, Qualitative Researching With Image Text and Sound: A Practical Handbook (London: Sage, 2000), 191-206.

Домашняя страница http://www.ling.lancs.ac.uk/staff/greg/greg.htm
E-mail G.Myers@lancs.ac.uk
Телефон 44 (0)1524 593045
Факс 44 (0)1524 593045
Адрес Department of Linguistics and Modern English Language, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YT, United Kingdom
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