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Grint Keith

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Место работы Oxford University / Director of Research, Saïd Business School, University Reader in Organizational Behaviour, Templeton College

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Keith Grint worked in various industries for ten years before becoming an academic. He taught Industrial Sociology at Brunel University for six years then came to Oxford. He has published seven books and over 40 articles on topics ranging from business process re-engineering to leadership, Japanization, appraisal schemes, organisational theory and the sociology of work. His current research, funded by a two year ESRC Senior Research Fellowship, focuses on leadership.


Grint, K., Work and Society: A Reader, Polity Press, 2000.

Grint, K., The Arts of Leadership, Oxford University Press, 2000.

Grint, K., The Sociology of Work: an introduction, Polity Press, 1998.

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Journal Articles

Grint, K., 'Technology, Work and Society', Work, Employment and Society, Vol.13:4, 1999, pp.731-741.

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Grint, K., 'Sisyphus and the Social Construction of Computer-User Problems', Information Systems Journal, Vol.5:1, 1995, pp.3-18.

Book Chapters

Grint, K., & Case, P., 'Now Where Were We? BPR Lotus Eaters and Corporate Amnesia', in: Knights, D. and Willmott, H. (Ed.), The Reengineering Revolution: Critical Studies of Corporate Change, Sage, 2000.

Grint, K., 'Globalization and Work', in: Haralambos, M. (Ed.), Sociology: New Directions, Causeway Press, 1998.

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Grint, K., 'The Gender-Technology Relation: An Introduction', in: Grint, K. and Gill, R. (Ed.), The Gender-Technology Relation, Taylor and Francis, 1995.
E-mail keith.grint@templeton.oxford.ac.uk
Телефон +44 (0)1865 288913
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