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Sako Mari

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Professor Sakos research interests focus on the connections between global corporate strategy, comparative business systems and human resource management. She is the principal researcher of the International Motor Vehicle Programme, working on modularisation and outsourcing in the global automotive industry and serves on the editorial boards of several leading journals, including Comparative Labour Law and Policy and the Political Quarterly.

Working Papers

Supplier Development at Honda, Nissan and Toyota: A Historical Case Study of Organizational Capability Enhancement, 2002, PDF - 470KB.

Modularity and outsourcing: the nature of co-evolution of product architecture and organisation architecture in the global automotive industry, 2002, PDF - 421KB.

Between Bit Valley and Silicon Valley: Hybrid Forms of Business Governance in the Japanese Internet Economy, 2001, PDF - 425KB.


Crouch, C., Finegold, D., & Sako, M., Are Skills the Answer?, Oxford University Press, 1999.

Dore, R., Sako, M., How the Japanese Learn to Work, Routledge, 1998.

Sako, M., Sato, H., Japanese Labour and Management in Transition: Diversity, Flexibility and Participation, Routledge, 1997.

Journal Articles

Sako, M., 'From Individual Skills to Organizational Capability in Japan', Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol.15:1, 1999, pp.114-126.

Sako, M., 'The Essence of Success in Supplier Development: the Japanese Experience', JAMA Forum, Vol.17:2, 1999, pp.13-17.

Sako, M., Helper, S., 'Determinants of Trust in Supplier Relations: Evidence from the Automotive Industry in Japan and the United States', Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol.34:3, 1998, pp.387-417.

Sako, M., 'Suppliers Associations in the Japanese Auto Industry: Collective Action for Technology Diffusion?', Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol.20:6, 1996, pp.651-671.

Helper, S.R.,Sako, M., 'Supplier relations in Japan and the United States: are they converging?', Sloan Management Review, Vol.36:3, 1995, pp.77-84.

Sako, M., Lamming, R. and Helper, S., 'Supplier relations in the UK car industry: good news-bad news', European Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, Vol.1:4, 1995, pp.237-248.

Book Chapters

Sako, M., Helper, S., 'Supplier Relations and Performance in Europe, Japan and the US: The Effect of the Voice/Exit Choice', in: Lung, Y., Chanaron, J.J., Fujimoto, T., Raff, D.M.G. (Ed.), Coping with Variety: Product Variety and Productive Organisations in the World Automotive Industry, Ashgate, 1999.

Sako, M., 'The Informational Requirements of Trust in Supplier Relations: Evidence from Japan, Europe and the United States', in: Lazaric, N. and Lorenz, E. (Ed.), Trust and economic learning, Edward Elgar, 1998.

Sako, M., 'Does Trust Improve Business Performance?', in: Lane, C. and Backmann, R. (Ed.), Trust in and between Organisations, Oxford University Press, 1998.

Sako, M., 'Shunto: Employer and Union Coordination for Pay Determination at the Industry and Inter-Sectoral Levels', in: Sako, M. and Sato, H. (Ed.), Japanese Labour and Management in Transition: Diversity, Flexibility and Participation, Routledge, 1997.

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