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Jones James Robert

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Образование бакалавр [Southwest Missouri State, 1964]
магистр: M.S. Thesis “An Evaluation of the International Coffee Agreement of 1962.” [Oklahoma State University, 1967]
PhD: “A Study of the Import Demand for Soybeans and Soybean Products in Eastern Europe.” [University of Arkansas, 1976]
Место работы Agricultural Economist University of Idaho / Professor of Agricultural Economics

Профессиональные интересы:
Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology


Jones, James R. (editor). East-West Agricultural Trade. Westview Special Studies in International Economics and Business. Boulder: Westview Press, 1986.

Chapters in Books

Jones, James R., Patricia Carlson, Qu Lu, and Maurice V. Wiese. “Phytosanitary Standards: The Case of Pacific Northwest Wheat Shipments to China,” in Donald W. Larson, et. al. (editors), Structural Change and Performance of the U.S. Grain Marketing System. Urbana, Illinois: Scherer Communications, 1998, Chapter 7, pp. 151-164.

Ziemetz, K., J.R. Jones, and H. Mohammadi. “Soviet Response to the 1980 Embargo,” chapter 14 in Embargoes, Surplus Disposal and U.S. Agriculture. Economic Research Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Agricul-tural Economic Report No. 564, (December, 1986) pp. 14/1-14/17.

Jones, James R. “Agricultural Import Decision Processes in the Centrally Planned Economies,” Chap. 1 in Jones, J.R. (ed.), East-West Agricultural Trade (see above under Books), 1986.

Jones, James R., Hassan Mohammadi, C.S. Kim, and Joel R. Hamilton. “Im-port Response, Foreign Exchange Allocation, and Inconvertibility in the Centrally Planned Economies,” Chap. 4 in Jones, J.R. (ed.), East-West Agricultural Trade (see above under Books), 1986.

Timmer, C. Peter, and James R. Jones. “China: An Enigma in the World Grain Trade,” Chap. 6 in Jones, J.R. (ed.), East-West Agricultural Trade (see above under Books), 1986.

Bunker, Arvin R., James R. Jones, and Dennis Conley. “Doing Business with CPE's and Marketing Strategies for Western Exporters,” Chap. 8 in Jones, J.R. (ed.),.East-West Agricultural Trade (see above under Books), 1986.

Jones, James R. “Countertrade: An Alternative Marketing Strategy in Ag-ricultural Export Transactions.” In 98th U.S. Congress, Senate Com-mittee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, Committee Print, 98th Congress, 2nd Session, (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1984), pp. 169-175.

Refereed Journal Articles

Jones, J. R., Lisa J. Carlson, Shuang Ling Li, YuYing Guo. “US/Sino Relations and Pacific Northwest Wheat Exports.” Northwest Journal of Business and Economics, 1998, pp. 15-27.

Devadoss, S., S. L. Li, J.R. Jones. “A Stochastic Simulation Analysis of the Effects of Indian Wheat Production Instability on World Wheat Markets.” Journal of Policy Modeling. Vol 19, No. 4 (1997) pp. 375-379.

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Belcher, G., J.R. Jones, and K.H. Lindeborg. “Inland/Ocean Waterborne Transportation Innovations and Port Charges.” Southern Journal of Agricultural Economics (July 1980), pp 179-188.

Jones, J.R. “The Negative Income Tax Base and Unit of Taxation,” Arkansas Review of Business and Economics (Summer 1973).

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