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Darbishire Owen

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Место работы Oxford University / Pembroke College, University Lecturer in Management Studies

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Owen Darbishires research and writing focuses on how labour markets, employment patterns and work are changing in countries including Germany, the United States and Britain. In examining how corporations respond to such pressures as new technology, increased competition and the deregulation of markets, the research explores the influence of national systems of corporate governance and industrial relations. A particular focus has been comparative research in the telecommunications and automobile industries.


Katz, H.C. & Darbishire, O., Converging Divergences: Worldwide changes in employment systems, Cornell University Press, 2000.

Journal Articles

Katz, H., & Darbishire, O., 'ConvergЙncias e divergЙncias nos sistemas de emprego', RelaГУes industriais: anАlises comparativas, Vol.4:8, 1998.

Lehrer, M., & Darbishire, O., 'The Performance of Economic Institutions in a Dynamic Environment: Air Transport and Telecommunications in Germany and Britain', Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin Discussion Paper FSI 97-301, 1997.

Batt, R., & Darbishire, O., 'Institutional Determinants of Deregulation and Restructuring in Telecommunications: Britain, Germany, and the United States Compared', International Contributions to Labour Studies, Vol.7, 1997.

Darbishire, O., & Batt, R., 'Institutional Determinants of Deregulation and Restructuring in Telecommunications: Britain, Germany and the United States compared', Cambridge Journal of Economics, Vol.7, 1997, pp.59-80.

Darbishire, O., 'Switching Systems: Technological Change, Privatisation and Work Organisation', Industrielle Beziehungen, Vol.2:2, 1995.

Book Chapters

Batt, R., & Darbishire, O., 'Deregulation and Restructuring in Telecommunications Services: Comparing US and German Approaches', in: Wever, K. (Ed.), Labor, Business, and Change in Germany and the United States, W.E. Upjohn Institute, 2001.

Darbishire, O., 'Restructuring, Experimentation and Implementation: Sources of National Competitive Advantage', in: Berg, P. (Ed.), Creating Competitive Capacity: Labor Market Institutions and Workplace Practices in German and the United States, Sigma, 2000.

Lehrer, M., & Darbishire, O., 'Comparative Managerial Learning in Germany and Britain: Techno-Organisational Innovation in Network Industries', in: Quack, S.; Morgan, G.; Whitley, R. (Ed.), National Capitalisms, Global Competition, and Economic Performance, De Gruyter, 2000.

Darbishire, O., 'Germany', in: Katz, H.C. (Ed.), Telecommunications: Restructuring Work and Employment Relations, Cornell University Press, 1997.
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