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Little John D.C.

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование PhD: Physics (Operations Research thesis) [MIT]
Место работы MIT (MIT) / Institute Professor of Operations Research and Management Science

Профессиональные интересы:
Little studies the marketing implications of customer transactions on the Internet. Using clickstream data he builds models of how marketing activities affect customer choices and how web-based firms can improve their marketing decisions.
Internet Marketing,
decision support,
database marketing,
consumer packaged goods

Selected Publications:
  • Blattberg, Robert C., Rashi Glazer, and John D. C. Little. The Marketing Information Revolution. Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, 1994.
  • Fader, Peter S., James M. Lattin, "Estimating Nonlinear Parameters In The Multinomial Logit Model." Marketing Science 11.4 (1992): 372-385.
  • Kalyanaram, Gurumurthy, and John D. C. Little. "An Empirical Analysis Of Latitude Of Price Acceptance In Consumer Package Goods." Journal Of Consumer Research 21.3 (1994): 408-418.
  • Lal, Rajiv, Little, John D. C., and J. Miguel Villas-Boas. A Theory Of Forward Buying, Merchandising And Trade Deals. Stanford University. Graduate School Of Business Research Paper No. 1304, 1994.
  • Little, John D. C. "Operations Research In Industry: New Opportunities In a Changing World." Operations Research 39.4 (1991): 531-542.
  • Little, John D. C. A Product Choice Model With Marketing, Filtering And Purchase Feedback. Cambridge, Mass. : Sloan School Of Management Working Paper No. 3670-94, 1994.
  • Little, John D. C. "Tautologies, Models And Theories: Can We Find 'Laws' Of Manufacturing?." IIE Transactions 24.3 (1992): 7-13.
  • Little, John D.C., Robert C. Blattberg, and Rashi Glazer, eds. The Marketing Information Revolution, 1994.
  • Little, John, and F. LeClerc. Can Advertising Copy Make FSI Coupons More Effective? , Sloan Working Paper No. 3822-95.
  • Schmitz, John D., Gordon D. Armstrong, John D. C. Little. "CoverStory - Automated News Finding In Marketing." Interfaces 20.6 (1990): 29-38.
  • RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES IN THE DECISION AND MANAGEMENT SCIENCES. By: Little, John D.C.., Management Science, Jan86, Vol. 32 Issue 1, p1, 13p
  • MODELS AND MANAGERS: THE CONCEPT OF A DECISION CALCULUS. By: Little, John D.C.., Management Science, Apr70, Vol. 16 Issue 8, p466, 20p
  • AN EXPERIMENT IN APPROVAL VOTING.; By: Fishburn, Peter C.; Little, John D.C.., Management Science, May88, Vol. 34 Issue 5, p555, 14p
  • A Theory of Forward Buying, Merchandising, and Trade Deals.; By: Lal, Rajiv; Little, John D. C.; Villas-Boas, J. Miguel., Marketing Science, 1996, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p21, 17p, 5 diagrams
  • A LOGIT MODEL OF BRAND CHOICE CALIBRATED ON SCANNER DATA. By: Guadagni, Peter M.; Little, John D.C.., Marketing Science, Summer83, Vol. 2 Issue 3, p203, 36p
  • A Market Share Theorem. By: Bell, David E.; Keeney, Ralph L.; Little, John D.C.., Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), May75, Vol. 12 Issue 2, p136, 6p
  • DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS FOR MARKETING MANAGERS. By: Little, John D.C.., Journal of Marketing, Summer79, Vol. 43 Issue 3, 3 diagrams, 6 graphs

Публикации на портале:
Домашняя страница http://web.mit.edu/orc/www/faculty/little.html
E-mail jlittle@mit.edu
Телефон 617/253-3738
Адрес E56-308
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Дополнительная информация:
Почетные звания и отличия и пр.
ORSA President (1979), TIMS President (1984-85), INFORMS President (1995), Kimball Award (1987), Member of the National Academy of Engineering (1989).

Parlin and Converse Awards of the American Marketing Association Консультируемые компании
co-founded a marketing models firm, Management Decision Systems, which was later acquired by Information Resources, and, more recently, an internet company that is now part of Kana Software.