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Kish Richard J.

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование PhD: Finance [University of Florida, 1988]
Место работы College of Business and Economics / Finance and Law Faculty (CBE) / Professor of Finance

Профессиональные интересы:
  • Investments
  • Security Analysis
  • Corporate Financial Policy

  • Shu, Yanming, Geraldo M. Vasconcellos, and Richard J. Kish, "The Information Content of Implied Volatility: An International Investigation of Index Options."
  • Comstock, Art, Richard J. Kish, and Geraldo M. Vasconcellos, "Empirical Tests of Perotti's Signaling Hypothesis on Privatization."
  • Kish, Richard J. and David H. Myers, "The Market to Book Controversy: An Analysis from the Viewpoint of Expected Earnings"
  • Byung-Ju Kim, Richard J. Kish and Geraldo M. Vasconcellos, "Cumulative Returns from the Korean IPO Market"
  • Kim, Byung-Ju, Richard J. Kish, and Geraldo M. Vasconcellos, (forthcoming) "The Korean IPO Market: Initial Returns." Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies.
  • Kish, Richard J. and Stephen F. Thode, (forthcoming) "The Impact of Political Control on United States Investment Returns: 1926-1999." Journal of Investing.
  • Kish, Richard J., and Karen M. Hogan, (forthcoming) "Linking Theory and Practice: An Asset Allocation Assignment." Journal of Business Education.
  • Comstock, Art, Richard J. Kish, and Geraldo M. Vasconcellos, (forthcoming 2003), "The Post-Privatization Financial Performance of Former State-Owned Enterprises." Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (13:1).
  • Kwon, Ki-Yeol and Richard J. Kish, 2002, "Technical Trading Strategies and Return Predictability: NYSE." Applied Financial Economics (12), 639-653.
  • Kwon, Ki-Yeol and Richard J. Kish, 2002, "A Comparative Study of Technical Trading Strategies and Return Predictability: An Extension of Brook, Lakonishok, and LaBaron (1992) Using NYSE and NASDAQ Indices." Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance (42:3), 613-633.
  • Almisher, Mohamad A., Stephen G. Buell, and Richard J. Kish, 2002, "The Relationship Between Systematic Risk and Underpricing of the IPO Market." Research in Finance (19), 87-107.
  • Mun, Johnathan C., Richard J. Kish, and Geraldo M. Vasconcellos, 2001, Contrarian/Overreaction Hypothesis: Additional Evidence." Applied Financial Economics (11), 619-640.
  • Hogan, Karen M., Gerard T. Olson, and Richard J. Kish, 2001, "A Comparison of Reverse Leveraged Buyouts and Original Initial Public Offers: Factors Impacting their Issuance in the IPO Market." Financial Review (36:3), 1-18.

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