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Deighton John

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: chemical engineering [University of Natal]
PhD: marketing [Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. ]
магистр [Cape Town]
Место работы Harvard Business School (Harvard Business School) / Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration

Профессиональные интересы:
Interactive marketing
Customer identity
Non-store grocery retailing

Journal Articles:
  • Deighton, John (2002), “How Snapple Got its Juice Back,” Harvard Business Review, January.
  • Sherman, Lee and John Deighton (2001), “Banner Advertising: Measuring Effectiveness and Optimizing Placement,” Journal of Interactive Marketing 15 (2) (Spring).
  • Deighton, John (1997), “Commentary on ‘Exploring the Implications of Marketing on the Internet,’” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 25 (Fall).
  • Winer, Russell, John Deighton et al (1997), “Choice in Computer-Mediated Environments,” Marketing Letters 8 (3) (July).
  • Deighton, John et al (1996), “The Future of Interactive Marketing,” Harvard Business Review, November/December.
  • Blattberg, Robert C. and John Deighton (1996), “Manage Marketing by the Customer Equity Test,” Harvard Business Review, July/August.
  • Deighton, John and Kent Grayson (1995), "Marketing and Seduction: Building Exchange Relationships by Managing Social Consensus," Journal of Consumer Research 21 (April).
  • Winer, Russell, John Deighton et al (1994), "When Worlds Collide: The Implications of Panel Data-Based Choice Models for Consumer Behavior," Marketing Letters 5 (3) (October).
  • Deighton, John, Caroline M. Henderson and Scott Neslin (1994), "The Effects of Advertising on Brand Switching and Repeat Purchasing," Journal of Marketing Research 31 (February).
  • Deighton, John (1992), "The Consumption of Performance,” Journal of Consumer Research 19 (December).
  • Blattberg, Robert C. and John Deighton (1991), "Interactive Marketing: Exploiting the Age of Addressability," Sloan Management Review, 33 (Fall), 5-14. Reprinted in Business Edge, May 1992. Translated and reprinted in Harvard Business Manager, 15 (1) 1993.
  • Deighton, John, Daniel Romer and Josh McQueen (1989), "Using Drama to Persuade," Journal of Consumer Research, 16 (December).
  • Hoch, Stephen J. and John Deighton (1989), "Managing What Consumers Learn From Experience," Journal of Marketing, 53 (April).
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  • Walsh, James P., Caroline M. Henderson and John Deighton (1988), "Negotiated Belief Structures and Decision Performance: An Empirical Investigation," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 42.
  • Deighton, John (1984), "The Interaction of Advertising and Evidence," Journal of Consumer Research, 11 (December).
Book Chapters, Proceedings Articles and Invited Articles:
  • Deighton, John and Patrick Barwise (2001), “Digital Marketing Communication,” in Digital Marketing : Global Strategies from the World's Leading Experts Ed. Jerry Wind and Vijay Mahajan. New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons
  • Deighton, John (2001), “Service Markets and the Internet,” in Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy, Christopher Lovelock. Upper Saddle River, NJ.: Prentice Hall.
  • Deighton, John (2000), “Frequency Programs in Service Industries,” in Handbook of Services Marketing and Management. Ed. Teresa A. Swartz and Dawn Iacobucci, Thousand Oaks, CA.: Sage Publications.
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  • Barwise, Patrick and John Deighton (1999), "Digital Media: Cutting Through the Hype,” Mastering Marketing. London: Pearson Education Ltd.
  • Deighton, John (1996), "Features of Good Integration: Two Cases and Some Generalizations," in Integrated Communications: Synergy of Persuasive Voices, Ed. Ester Thorsen and Jeri Moore, Hillsdale, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • Grayson, Kent and John Deighton (1995), “Playing and the Locus of Rules,” in Frank R. Kardes and Mita Sujan (eds.) Advances in Consumer Research, 22, 241-2.
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  • McQueen, Josh, Carol Foley and John Deighton (1993), "Decomposing a Brand's Consumer Franchise into Buyer Types," in Brand Equity and Advertising: Advertising's Role in Building Strong Brands, ed. David A. Aaker and Alexander L. Biel, Hillsdale, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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  • Alwitt, Linda F., John Deighton and John Grimm (1991), "Reactions to Political Advertising Depend on the Nature of the Voter-Candidate Bond," in Television and Political Advertising, Volume 1: Psychological Processes Frank Biocca (Ed.) Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • Deighton, John (1988), "Two Meanings for Transformation," Advances in Consumer Research, 15, M. Houston (Ed.). Ann Arbor: Association for Consumer Research.
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  • Deighton, John, Francesco Nicosia and Yoram Wind (1983), "Exploration into the Time-Money Tradeoff: Concepts and an Application," Proceedings of the ESOMAR Annual Conference, San Francisco.
Case Studies and Teaching Notes:
  • “ Siebel Systems: Anatomy of a Sale.” HBS Case #9-502-048
  • “ Centra Software.” HBS Case #9-501-088
  • “ Bouygues Telecom: The WAP Opportunity.” HBS Case #9-501-068
  • “ The Peppers and Rogers Group.” HBS Case #9-500-096
  • “ Doubleclick buys Abacus A.” HBS Case #9-500-091
  • “ Doubleclick buys Abacus B.” HBS Case #9-501-085
  • “ Hilton Hotels: Loyalty Wars.” HBS Case #9-500-079, Teaching Note TN#5-001-059
  • “Webvan: Groceries on the Web.” HBS Case #9-500-052
  • “Alloy: Marketing to Generation Y.” HBS Case #9-500-048, Teaching Note TN#5-501-043
  • “The Brita Products Company.” HBS Case #9-500-024
  • “CVS:: The Web Strategy.” HBS Case #9-500-008, Teaching Note TN#5-501-064
  • “Snapple.” HBS Case #9-599-126, Teaching Note TN#5-500-033
  • “MicroFridge: The Concept.” HBS Case #9-599-049
  • “First Year Marketing Module Summary: Evolution of Marketing.” HBS TN #598-017
  • “USA Today Online.” HBS case #9-958-133, Teaching Note, ” TN #5 599 097
  • “Dendrite International (A) (condensed),” HBS case #597-072.
  • “Rogers Communications Inc.: The WAVE,” HBS case #597-050,Teaching Note,” HBS TN #597-078.
  • “Note on Marketing and the World Wide Web,” HBS case #597-037.
  • “SiteSpecific,” HBS case #596-117.
  • “IDS Financial Services (condensed),” HBS case #596-045, Teaching Note,” HBS TN #596-061.
  • “Consumer Behavior Exercise (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) & (F),” HBS case #596-039, 596-040, 596-041, 596-042, 596-043 & 596-044.
  • "McNeil Consumer Products Company: Tylenol," in The Ethical Manager. Ed. Ronald M. Green, Macmillan 1994.

Домашняя страница http://dor.hbs.edu/fi_redirect.jhtml?facInfo=bio&facEmId=jdeighton
E-mail john@deighton.org
Телефон (617) 495-6545
Факс (617) 496-5637
Адрес Harvard Business School
Soldiers Field Road
Boston, MA 02163

483 Pleasant Street #4
Belmont, MA 02478

Дополнительная информация:
Предыдущие должности и позиции, прочие позиции
Editor of the Journal of Interactive Marketing
Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research
University of Chicago, Dartmouth College

Почетные звания и отличия и пр.
He received the 'best article" award of the American Marketing Association for an article in the Journal of Marketing

Консультируемые компании
Сотрудничает с Hamilton Consultants, маркетинговая консалтинговая компания, расположенная на Harvard Square, Кембриджа, Массачусетс

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