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Ichino Andrea

Обновлено: 24-09-2010
Дата рождения 10 декабря 1959 г.
Образование PhD: Economics [MIT, 1990]
Место работы European University Institute in Florence / Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
Economics of education
Family structure and unemployment in Europe
Gender studies
Group interactions and network effects
Intergenerational social mobility and income inequality
Rigidity and flexibility in European labour markets
Personnel economics

Some recent publications

1999 "More Equal but Less Mobile? Education Financing and Intergenerational Mobility in Italy and in the US" (with Daniele Checchi and Aldo Rustichini), Journal of Public Economics 74(3), 351-393.

1999 "Lower and Upper Bounds of Returns to Schooling: An Exercise in IV Estimation with Different Instruments" (with Rudolf Winter-Ebmer}, European Economic 43(4-6), 889-901.

2003 "The Long-Run Educational Cost of World War Two" (with Rudolf Winter-Ebmer), forthcoming: Journal of Labor Economics.
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