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Black Paula

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Место работы University of Manchester / Lecturer

Профессиональные интересы:
Paula Black has several areas of interest, all of which overlap to some extent. In all of her research she has been concerned with gender and with social class and these issues are a unifying theme to the work she does. Paula also predominantly works with qualitative methodologies.

Black P (2002) 'Ordinary People Come Through Here': Locating the Beauty Salon in Women's Lives, Feminist Review, 71:2-17.

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Black P (1998) Difference, Discovery and Danger: Tourist Perceptions of Cultural Difference Within Europe, in LeSaux F and Thomas N (eds.) Unity and Difference in European Culture(s), University of Durham.

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Black P, Clift S and Wijesurendra C (1995) Sexual Behaviour Abroad: A Study of Genito-Urinary Clinic Attenders, Travel Medicine International, Vol. 13, No 6.

Working papers and reports Sharma, S and Black, P (1999) The sociology of pampering: beauty therapy as a form of work, Centre for Social Research Working Paper, University of Derby.

Rowlingson, K, Black, P, Harrington, A and Merrin, W (1999) A balancing act: surviving the risk society, National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, London.

Other publications
Black, P (1999) 'Day in the life of' feature, Medsoc news.

E-mail paula.black@man.ac.uk
Телефон 0161-275-2515
Факс 0161-275-2514

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