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Barnes Barry

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Место работы University of Exeter / Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
Sociology of science, technology and expertise. Associated work in sociology of knowledge and culture, philosophy and history of science and technology, social studies of science.

Social theory and sociological theory, and especially the fundamental problems involved in understanding the nature of collective action, of power, and of status. Microsociological work relevant to these problems. Work on self-referring knowledge relevant to these problems.


Selected Publications:

  • Understanding Agency: Social Theory and Responsible Action, London and Beverley: Sage, 2000.
  • with D. Bloor and J. Henry, editor of, Scientific Knowledge: a Sociological Analysis, London: Athlone Press, 1996.
  • The Elements of Social Theory, London: London, UCL Press, and New Jersey, Princeeton Univ, 1995.
  • 'Biotechnology as Expertise', in O'Mahoney et al (ed), The Politics of Biotechnology, MacMillan, 1999.
  • 'Science studies and the empirical understanding of science', Science, Technology and Human Values, 1999.
  • 'Biotechnology as expertise', The Politics of Biotechnology, 1999.
  • 'Cultural Change: the thought-styles of Mannheim and Kuhn', Common Knowledge, 2, 2, 1994, pp. 45ff.
  • 'Power', Theories and Concepts of Politics, 1993, pp 197-210.
  • 'Status Groups and Collective Action', Sociology, 26, 2, pp. 259-270.

Домашняя страница http://www.ex.ac.uk/shipss/sociology/staff/barnes/index.php
E-mail s.b.barnes@ex.ac.uk
Телефон 01392 263279
Факс 01392 263305
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