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Alpert William T.

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Образование бакалавр: Economics and International Relations [Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1971]
магистр [Economics Columbia University, New York, 1974]
PhD [Economics Columbia University, New York, 1979]
Место работы Department of Economics / Associate Professor

Профессиональные интересы:
  • Labor Economics
  • Economic History (European and American)
  • Economics of Education
  • Political Economy

Books and Reports:

A Handbook for Transition to a Market Economy in Viet Nam, Editor, (with Sol Sanders) University Press of America.

Fringe Benefits in Canada and the United States, Editor (with Stephen A. Woodbury) The W.E. Upjohn Institute, Kalamazoo, MI.

Transition to a Market Economy in Viet Nam, (with others) The Pacific Basin Research Institute, 1993.

The Canadian Crisis, Editor (with Sol Sanders, and James V. Capua) The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc. New York, 1992.

Leave Policies in Small Business: Findings from the US Small Business Administration Employee Leave Survey (With Eileen Trzcinski) United States Small Business Administration, October 1990 (Released March 1991).

Reprinted in part as Small Business Leave Policies: Excerpts From A Small Business Administration Report, The Business National Association Special Report Series on Work & Family, No. 40 April 1991.

Major excerpts from Leave Policies in Small Business were also included in the State of Small Business: A Report of the President 1991.

The Minimum Wage in the Restaurant Industry, Praeger Publishers, New York, 1986.

Abstracts, Articles, Book Chapters and Comments:

"The Economics of Family and Medical Leave in Canada and the United States," with Eileen Trzcinski in Fringe Benefits in Canada and the United States, Alpert and Woodbury, eds., The W.E. Upjohn Institute, Kalamazoo, MI (Forthcoming).

"Changes in Pregnancy and Parental Leave Benefits in the US and Canada: Judicial Decisions and Legislation," with Eileen Trzcinski. The Journal of Human Resources, Spring 1995.

"Introduction and Summary," with John Shoven and John Whalley in John Shoven and John Whalley, eds., Pressures for Harmonization and Comparative Tax Experience in Canada and the Untied States, National Bureau of Economic Research, University of Chicago Press, 1992.

"Preface" in Barry Chiswick, ed. Immigration, Language and Ethnic Issues: Public Policy in Canada and the United States, The American Enterprise Institute, 1992.

"Handling Work During Leave: Strategies and Costs," with Eileen Trzcinski. Journal of Managerial Issues, volume 3, number 4 (Winter 1991).

"Unemployment and Unemployment Insurance: Is there a Causal Link?" with John Guerard. Belgian Journal of Operations Research, Statistics and Computer Science, volume 30, number 3.

"Statistical Properties of Data Stretching," with Edward Greenburg and Walker Pollard. Journal of Applied Econometrics, volume 4, (November 1989).

"Comments" [on "Fringe Benefits and Public Policy"] Industrial Relations Research Association Proceedings on the Forty-First Annual Meeting, December 28-30, 1988.

"Employment, Unemployment and the Minimum Wage: A Causality Model," with John Guerard. Applied Economics, November 1988.

"An Analysis of Fringe Benefits Using Time Series Data," Applied Economics, January 1987.

"The Determinants of Knowledge About Social Security: A Study of Non-Remarried Widows Caring for Children," with Martha Ozawa, Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, April 1986.

"Fringe Benefits of Workers in Non-Manufacturing Industries," with Martha Ozawa, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, April 1986.

"Distributive Effects of Survivors Insurance Benefits and Public Assistance," with Martha Ozawa, The Social Service Review, December 1984.

"An Economic Analysis of Private Wage Supplements in Manufacturing: A Simultaneous Equations Approach," Applied Economics, June 1983.

"Unions and Private Wage Supplements," Journal of Labor Research, Spring 1981.

"Police Wages, Employment and Unionization: A Simultaneous Equations Approach," The Journal of Economics, Spring 1981.
Abstract -- "Effort Stability: A Rationale for Non-Money Remuneration," with Leslie Daniels, The Atlantic Economic Journal, March 1980.

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