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Whitley Richard (Уитли Ричард)

Обновлено: 09-12-2010
Дата рождения 30 сентября 1944 г.
Образование бакалавр: sociology [University of Leeds, 1965]
магистр: communications [University of Pennsylvania, 1968]
Место работы University of Manchester / Professor of Organisational Sociology, Director of Research at Manchester Business School

Профессиональные интересы:
varieties of capitalism; Business Systems and Firm Strategies in Europe and Pacific Asia; The Relationship between Knowledge and Practice in the Social and Management Sciences; Comparative Analysis of Organisations and their Strategies; The Organisation and Control of Work in Different Sectors and Countries; Institutions and Innovation Strategies in Different Countries Comparative Business Systems; East Asian Business; Innovation; International Business and Management; Japan (Japanese Management); Multi-nationals; Organisational Analysis; Work Organisation.

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Книги Статьи
Домашняя страница http://www.mbs.ac.uk/Research/academicdirectory/viewProfile.aspx?sid=5029600&action=ShowProfile
E-mail richard.whitley@mbs.ac.uk
Телефон +44 (0)161- 275 6333
Факс +44 (0)161- 2756304
Адрес Manchester Business School, Booth Street West, Manchester , M15 6PB, UK

Дополнительная информация:

Richard Whitley joined Manchester Business School in 1968 after undertaking research at the University of Pennsylvania. He has published extensively on the organisation of the natural and social sciences, including The Intellectual and Social Organisation of the Sciences (Oxford University Press 1984, 2000).

More recently, he has studied the nature of capitalism in East Asia and Western Europe, as well as researching the development of firms and markets in Eastern Europe. Recent books on these topics have included Business Systems in East Asia (Sage 1992), European Business Systems (Sage 1992), The Changing European Firm (Routledge 1996), Governance at Work: The Social Regulation of Economic Relations (Oxford University Press 1997), Divergent Capitalisms: The Social Structuring and Change of Business Systems (Oxford University Press 1999), National Capitalisms, Global Competition and Economic Performance (Benjamin, 2000), and The Multi-national Firm (Oxford University Press, 2000). He is currently researching the connections between patterns of innovations, business systems and societal institutions and has edited a special issue of Organisation Studies on 'The Institutional Dynamics of Innovation Systems' (Volume 2 (5), 2000). Richard has served as co-director of the European Science Foundation’s Programme on European Management and Organisations in Transition (1993-97); as chair of the European Group for Organisational Studies (1998-99), and as president of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-economics in 1999-2000. In 1998-99 he was fellow in residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences and in 1999-2000 he was visiting professor at the Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo.