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Does High Inflation Affect Growth in the Long and Short Run?

Опубликовано на портале: 11-01-2003
Journal of Applied Economics. 2001.  Vol. IV. P. 89-105 . 
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This paper investigates the relationship between inflation and output in the context of an economy facing persistent high inflation. By analyzing the case of Brazil, we find that inflation does not impact real output in the long run, but that in the short run there exists a negative effect from inflation on output. These results support Sidrauskis (1967) superneutrality of money in the long run, but cast doubt on the short run implications of the model for separable utility functions in consumption and real money balances, as exposed by Fischer (1979). The results are more likely to support a class of utility functions in which real money balances and consumption are perfect complements.

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