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The Limitations of the Law in Influencing Employment Practices in UK Hotels and Restaurants

Опубликовано на портале: 03-10-2003
Employee Relations. 1993.  Vol. 15. No. 2. P. 16-25. 
Individual employment law has the dual aim of stimulating good personnel practice and of providing minimum protection for vulnerable employees, such as those found in the hotel and catering industry. Findings from a survey of "high quality" hotels and restaurants show that large establishments have developed a veneer of formality in some areas of personnel management, but that the detail within policies and procedures rarely conforms to all the requirements set down in legislation and codes of practice. Finds that, in small establishments, practices are informal and often fail to meet basic legal requirements. As for individual protection, the large majority of part-timers qualify for the equivalent of full-time rights, but casual workers, who supply a substantial proportion of labour needs in the industry, have no protection at all. Makes a strong case for extending employment rights to casuals and indicates that such a development would not reduce their employment opportunities, nor would it cause particular concern for employers.

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