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The Cost of Quality

Опубликовано на портале: 10-01-2003
What is the cost of quality? Does it raise the price of goods and services? Are huge savings possible by implementing continual improvement efforts? These questions are not easy ones, but quality is measureable, as are its costs. Philip Crosby, in Quality is Free, writes that the cost of quality is "the expense of noncomformance - the cost of doing things wrong." Some prefer the term "cost of poor quality" (COPQ) because that implies what happens when continual improvement efforts are derailed or postponed. As A.V. Feigenbaum, an early writer on the subject states in Total Quality Control: Today, we not only recognize the measurability of quality costs but that these costs are central to the management and engineering of modern total quality control as well as to the business strategy planning of companies and plants.
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