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Conceptual origins of globalization idea

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 28-02-2005
"Conceptual origins of globalization idea" (by Anatoly Zhvitiashvili) looks into intellectual origins of the recent phenomenon termed 'globalization' in order to approach its understanding. Though the term is a recent one, reality, covered by it, had taken shape long before post-modern epoch and post-industrial society. Main paradigms analyzed are described in three models: social, scientist-technocratic and spiritualist (mystic). Idea of globalization emerges in them as a result of developing new-times activist meaning of 'homo worshiping'. Globalization idea aims at bridging gap between social subject and object, consisting both of smooth evolutionary transitions, and of emergent leaps. Two levels are specific to it, - social per se, assuming humans to be basic factor of planetary development and a post-social one where humans are practically fused with the obejct of their power. It is here that globalization notion faces its limits and looses its significance.