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Extra-employment in successful adaptation strategies

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Опубликовано на портале: 16-12-2004

"Extra-employment in successful adaptation strategies"

(by Irina Popova and Natalia Sedova) aims at analyzing varieties of extra-employment as a factor for successful adaptation and its potentialities. The pa- per is based on secondary studies of data kept in archives of Independent Institute of social policies -, i.a., three VTSIOM studies - July 1998, January 1999, and 2001. Criteria for success of adaptation are dis- cussed. Following conclusions are offered. Extra-employment involves a fraction of working population. There are two main forms of this employment - one involving most active, mobile and successful part of employees, the other relates to less lucky former soviet middle layer members. And though extra-employ- ment remains a meaningful adaptation resource for many individuals, its basic role lies elsewhere. It may serve as starting point for professional growth within original occupation, or as a planned transit to new kind of occupation in case previous one (or former place of employment) loses its actuality.
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