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Gender and income in pharmacy: Human capital and gender stratification theories revisited

Опубликовано на портале: 23-11-2005
British Journal of Sociology. 1999.  Vol. 50. No. 1. P. 97-117. 
A case study of gender and earnings in pharmacy - a profession characterized by its rapid recruitment of female practitioners - is presented. Disparities in earnings between male and female pharmacists in Ontario are accounted for with the aid of human capital theory and gender stratification theory. Data is drawn from a random sample of 463 Ontario pharmacists. A consistent sex gap is found in earnings regardless of occupation level of practitioners and net of such factors as hours worked, commitment to work, hours devoted to childcare, absences from the labor market, and years since graduation. Instead, the main reason why women in pharmacy earn less than males is because they remain employees throughout their careers. However, additional factors responsible for the depressed earnings of female practitioners were not found. The findings are discussed in light of the claims of gender stratification and human capital theory.