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'Zeitdiagnose' as the third genre of sociological theory

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Опубликовано на портале: 14-01-2006
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"'Zeitdiagnose' as the third genre of sociological theory" (by Arto Noro) argues that Zeitdiagnose (ZD below) is distinguishable from both research theory and general theory as two most recognized genres of sociological theorizing. ZD poses questions about character of an epoch, asking who we are and what prevails in our time. While searching for Zeitgeist in modernity, ZD looks for the lost coherence of the modern epoch. Characteristics of ZD are examined focusing on quasi-performative character of the language of ZDes and on it as a type of practical wisdom. Special properties of ZD are examined comparing it to market research with its risk-products, even to fashion. The paper (presented in the main at 5lh European Sociological Association Conference in 2001) finishes off by looking into best known Zdes and how they do employ sociological components - U. Beck, A. Giddens, Z. Bauman.
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