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17-years old Russians of 1997: a combination of liberal and antiliberal orientations

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Опубликовано на портале: 07-02-2006
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"17-years old Russians of 1997: a combination of liberal and antiliberal orientations" (by Sviatoslav Grigoriev) is based on a 1997 survey covering about 4 thousand youths throughout Russia in three age groups (17, 24, and 31 years old). Political, economic, social, and ideological values pertinent to contemporary Russian youth have been looked into from liberal/anti-liberal point of view. 17 years-old are found to be most affected by the liberal atti- tudes as present. In conclusion the scale of liberal orientations, their specific group contents, differentiation through various spheres of public life. The alternative prospects opening up for the country's future are discussed.
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