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Women about themselves and their life

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-02-2006
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"Women about themselves and their life" (by Irina Terent'eva) contains the data collected in the course of a study of women's issues in the Republic of Tatarstan (interviews in six cities/towns, and six rural districts, N = 1,700). Findings about economic situation clearly indicate a high degree of endurance shown by Tatarstan women. Childhood issues are another troubled area in this social stratum, as well as the rates of divorce. Interestingly, attitude to polygamy was unanimously (except 0,8 of the interviewed) negative. Employment, religious attendance, value orientations, political attitudes and activities, adaptation to market conditions are further topics of the study. Significance of the data obtained stems from the fact that the study was undertaken by the state agencies of Tatarstan.
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