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The Note about the External Trading and Organization the Fight against the Contraband in Azov Province (1775-1776)

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Опубликовано на портале: 26-03-2006
There is the first part of the note written by the Phedurkin I., the custom assistant of the senior-director of the Azov and Novorossia provinces, devoted to the factors and opportunities for the external trade’s development and the reduction of contraband in the borders of Azov porvince. This document was created in the beginning of 1776 and was important for the custom chain’s formation in the Azov and Novorossia provinces. The note contains the description of the trade ways and the main kinds of goods, the custom’s and the quarantine’s locations, peculiarities of their activity, and also some recommendations for the trade development and the cessation of contraband.
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