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Financial industrial groups in Russian political process

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Опубликовано на портале: 26-06-2006
"Financial industrial groups in Russian political process" states that big corporate capital is known to be an influential actor in social and political processes in Russia. Major factor for big business to influence political process is its impact on political and social associations, first of all, on the parties. The Russian State Duma is long known to be a field where corporate and financial capital is an active lobbyist. A new hierarchy of political actors with new linkages has emerged after B. Eltsyn. New quality of political system, so author, has emerged too. Previous conflict within power structures has become marginal, the public component of political process is waning, while the circle of decision-makers has widened to include political opposition. Under Putin, policy of equal emoteness for big businesses has been proclaimed. Nevertheless, recent events demonstrate a trend of joint bureaucratic and commercial structures to overcome their contradictions.
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