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Drinking in Russia as a real threat for national security

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Опубликовано на портале: 12-06-2005
The author looks into the trends of alcohol consumption among Russia's citizens during recent decade basing deliberations on statistics and sociological surveys. Death rate increase caused by alcoholic disease is stated, along with female alcoholism, alcohol-related crime, alcohol poisoning, and decreased age threshold in alcohol consumption. Drinking is a cause of severe crisis processes in family and education. Specific structuring of consumed brands is emphasized accompanied by respective wine consumption culture making for peculiarly Russian type of alcohol consumption growth. Failures in government policies are analyzed related to production sphere, distribution and consumption of liquors. Some of these factors have brought about increase of falsified, homemade and insuited for consumption alcohol brands, and illegal alcohol business is on the increase. Proposals eventually leading to decrease in alcohol consumption by Russians are formulated.
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