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A generation Russia is loosing

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Опубликовано на портале: 06-02-2006

"A generation Russia is loosing" (by Alexander Arefiev) is written on the data base of an 2001 all- Russian research project "Deviant teenagers and youth: alcoholism, prostitution, drug addiction" done under the auspices of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education by the Center for sociology of the above ministry. The article describes mass involvement of children, teenagers and youth in use of psychoactive agents (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs), as well as attempts to prevent drug abuse and to provide medical care for the people affected. In analyzing age, sex, social and professional patterns in youth psychoactive agent consumption behavior, proportions and approximate size of the respective age group of the Russian population (12 to 22 years) are estimated. The group of people who smoke, drink, use drugs has become younger. The age threshold for the new entrants into it sank from average 15 to 17 in 1991 to 10 to 11 years in 2001. It might be inferred from this fact that the state fails so far to take adequate preventive measures causing - against a background of expanding deviant behavior of children and teenagers - an impending national catastrophe.
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