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August 1991 Events in the Public Opinion of Russia

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Опубликовано на портале: 06-08-2006
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The article is based on the findings of all-Russia and Moscow surveys carried out in 1991–2005 by Levada-Center (former VCIOM, VCIOM-A). Mass evaluations of the main characters of the August events (Gorbachyov,Yeltsin, members of GKCHP ate Committee on EmergencySituations), social forces and social institutions that participated in them (CPSU, KGB, the army, mass media) allow to get the idea of dynamics of attitudes and orientations of various groups of the Russians, of population on the whole during the recent 15 years: general attitude to the Soviet order and the Soviet history, the view of "perestroika" and the figures of its initiators, the changes that have taken place and the nearest prospects for Russia, the role of the West and of the close abroad countries. By the early 2000-s the August 1991 events remained significant only for the minority of the Russians, the minority which are lacking social forms, clearly expressed interests and values, independent authority. Initially positive evaluations of the August events and expectations connected with them have decreased very soon and they are now admitted significant by the majority only in the negative sense: as symbols of decay, loss, disaster. The so called "past" in Russia becomes neither actual orientation and the ground of behavior in present nor really gone through past that has been regulated and comprehended through involved and systematic "workings" of collective memory.
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