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Проблема эмоционального баланса общества

русская версия

Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
Emotional Balance of Society as a Problem (by Yuri Levada). It can be assumed that in social systems even the strongest and most acute emotional irritants to some extent balance, as if damping or transforming, one another (more exactly, the impacts of these irritants on the institutional structure of society are equilibrating). As a result, a sort of emotional balance of society emerges.
To analyse this phenomenon, it is important to distinguish between unspecified 'fears' as particular states of public opinion and 'objective' (targeted) fears apprehension of possible undesirable situations or actions in different forms, which is inherent to people in all times and under any social conditions. Any 'objective' fear can be interpreted as a danger-signal and, respectively, a stimulus for certain actions capable to assess, eliminate, minimise, prevent, etc., this danger. All these theses are absolutely trivial. The problem, equally relevant for practice and research, consists in identification of functions of such signals in different situations, and in societal and personal systems of public action.
Examination of data on the nature and distribution of various types of negative and positive social emotions in the contemporary Russian society (in 'normal' situations and under crisis, the latter comprising paroxysms of mass fears related to the economic crisis of 1998 and the Chechen War crisis of 1999-2000) leads to the following conclusion:
The most important problem is not as much the existence of a certain set of 'fears' in public opinion as the incapacity of society to find active variants of response to dangers.
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