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Информационные предпочтения жителей России

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Опубликовано на портале: 28-11-2006
Тематический раздел:
Preferences of Russia's Residents in the Field of Information (by Natalia Zorkaya). This article examines data on the dynamics of Russian citizens' preferences for particular sources of information during the period 1994-2000. As regards frequency of using different channels of information, television is leading practically undivided. The main trend of the epoch that has followed the flowering of 'glasnost' is in this context the avalanching fall of circulation of major daily newspapers, and accordingly drastic decline of their popularity and authority. The principal Russian dailies are popular with 1-3 per cent of respondents. The newspaper market is dominated, regarding circulation and popularity, by weeklies such as Argumenty г Fakty, which witnesses to preference of the readers for information presented in a digest-like form as well as to rise of interest in literature of a sensational and scandalous nature.
The low circulation of the present daily newspapers reflects the market situation of demand and supply and characterises the productivity and authority of the elite incapable to attract to their 'products' even the most socially, culturally and politically advanced groups of society.
The function of informing the population about events in Russia and the world, analysing them, and shaping or translating the existing notions and opinions on the current situation is now practically in full concentrated 'in the hands' of television. The article contains an analysis of the audiences of particular newspapers and television broadcasts by major sociodemographic characteristics.
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