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Доходы и потребление в условиях экономического роста

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Опубликовано на портале: 04-10-2006
Incomes and Consumption under the Conditions of Economic Growth (by Marina Krasilnikova). In the past 2004 year the trend continued of increasing money incomes and consumption of Russia population that has been taking shape in recent five years of economic growth. These favorable trends were expressed in subjective evaluations of population. High level of subjective evaluations of the current material well-being in 2004 was not significantly influenced even by anxious expectations connected with the reform of privileges monetization. Evaluations of the current material wellbeing, expectations of its changing the in following year remain at the highest level during 10 recent years. In 2004 for the first time during the whole period of observations (which are being carried out since 1993) indices measuring population ideas about the situation in consumption market moved to a positive area of values.
However the pace of growth of population subjective evaluations of material well-being is gradually decreasing: subjective evaluations have improved extremely insignificantly during two recent years. In contrast to the previous year in 2004 mass expectations of future (concerning changes in personal financial situation) began to worsen steadily. Along with favorable evaluations of the level and dynamics of well-being considerable worsening of social dispositions was going on in 2004. These trends are expressed in most concentrated form in the dynamics of social dispositions index (SDI) that takes into account the total impact of many various factors.
Evidently various subjective evaluations are influenced by two main constituents, actual situation and the level of expectations at the current moment (not expectations of the future but the notions of how "things should go", that is the molded level of demands). On the example of the analysis of the structure of population ideas on poverty and wealth the article shows that in recent years the process of lowering population expectations and demands was going on; the gap in notions of wealth and poverty is gradually decreasing, bringing closer quantitative evaluations of minimal living wage, "normal" income, on the one hand, and poverty level, on the other hand, also takes place.
Thus, the years of economic growth and well-being indicators improvement have brought about not only the improvement of subjective evaluation of people's financial situation. These favorable circumstances were accompanied by further decreasing the demands of significant part of population that was the consequence of actually low living standard and absence of effective mechanisms for vertical mobility. The latter is manifested by decreasing level of expecting positive changes in personal life circumstances which, in its turn, is and important characteristic of social dispositions dynamics during the recent year.
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