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Патриотизм как ксенофобия (результаты опроса молодых москвичей)

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Опубликовано на портале: 09-11-2006
Тематический раздел:
Patriotism as Xenophobia. The Findings of Young Muscovites Survey (by Lubov' Borusyak). The article analyses the data of the survey carried out in Moscow on a sample of school children and students of higher educational institutions on an issue of their attitudes to people belonging to different ethnic groups. The findings of the survey show that Moscow young people's attitudes to their Russian peers from other regions are quite tolerant until the latter become real or imaginable competitors to native Muscovites. Young people share the imposed by mass media point of view that the Russians in the countries of the former USSR are in oppressed position and experience hostility from native population, and Moscow youth sympathize with them. But the notions of social justice change instantly when such migrants are perceived not as an oppressed group but as potential competitors. The majority of respondents think it unjust and undesirable to provide the migrants with some privileges that would allow them to integrate easier into Moscow community.
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