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Ценности и установки российской молодежи

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-11-2006
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The article is based on the data of the survey carried out by VCIOM in November 2002 with the financial assistance of National Endowment for Democracy, USA. The authors dwell on and compare with the corresponding data on other age groups the following characteristics of youth behavior and attitudes: self-assessment and life satisfaction; attitude to liberal- democratic values, to economic reforms and social institutions; political preferences and electoral attitudes; national identification and attitude to other nationalities, elements of xenophobia and chauvinism in self-identification of the young Russians. The authors point out, on the one hand, social and ideological differentiation within youth age cohort and, on the other hand, drawing nearer the elder subgroups of youth sample and poorly adjusted youth to the stable set of attitudes and stereotypes of older generations (state paternalism, compensatory bent for state-nationalistic slogans and symbols, xenophobic dispositions of defense against ethnical "aliens" and "new-comers" as rivals at labor market.
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