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Семидесятые годы XX века: реплика в дискуссии

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Опубликовано на портале: 13-11-2006
Тематический раздел:
The 1970s: a Remark in a Discussion (by Alexis Berelowitch). Brezhnev's epoch is interesting for a historian or a sociologist by the fact that its specific forms of decay and collapse of the Soviet system have become, in turn, the matrix for the present Russian society. The article analyses political implications and socio-cultural meaning of such description categories as "the developed socialism", "cold snap", "stagnation". Within the frameworks of broader processes of urbanization, growth of educational level, relative well-being increase one may observe the weakening of the authorities repressive and ideological control over the population and its particular groups, forming up and relative "rehabilitation" of private life sphere. However, the slowing down of the economic growth and increasing armament expenses hamper significant living standard improvement; possibilities for vertical mobility are impeded or cut off, the population stops observing informal social contract with the authorities. Official ideology is completely losing whatever authority it had, and even appeal to the state-nationalistic slogans fails to help the power to bring back the confidence of people who no longer agree to justify their present situation by references to the heroic past and bright future.
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