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Кризис власти в России и пути ее эволюции

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Опубликовано на портале: 02-12-2006
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Crisis of Power in Russia and the Paths of Its Evolution (by Leonid Sedov). The article, based on the findings of VCIOM surveys (the programme Homo Sovieticus, 1989-99), examines the attitude toward power in different groups of Russia's population: among the 'Westernists', the supporters of throw-back to socialism, and the adherents of Russia's 'specific path'. The author traces the peculiar process of 'rehabilitation' of the Soviet past, the strengthening nostalgia for the Brezhnev era, and the intensification of anti-Western feelings. With the mass of the population, the authority of armed entities of the State is growing (against the background of other institutions' failure to act and their discredited image in mass consciousness) and the declared adherence to Orthodoxy is strengthening.
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