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"This isn't a male business...". Gendered analysis of employment in social sphere

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Опубликовано на портале: 27-10-2004
"'This isn't a male business...' Gendered analysis of employment in social sphere" (by Valentina larskaia and Elena larskaia-Smirnova) looks at social work (public carework) as a profession developing in Russia since 1991. Social service administrators still have to struggle against a high-level staff turnover while a majority of those working in this field do not possess formal qualification to do this job. Government-initiated policies of inadequate pay levels for skilled personnel in social work did reinforce in fact a widespread societal assumption regarding cheap female labor. Today, social service in Russia is arranged in such a way that it minimizes government's expenses by encouraging women to work more effectively by stressing conventional femininity. Arguably, child care, care for the elderly and disabled is natural for women and is learned from childhood not requiring any formal training. Our case studies show that social workers in today's Russia are mostly aged women who had lost their jobs as their enterprises had been closed down.
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