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Violence versus Nation?

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Опубликовано на портале: 23-01-2007
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Social anthropological reflection of violence means awareness in its cultural and social origins, its genesis since ancient times and to the most refined modernity, its reproduction in various forms. The article demonstrates violence as a phenomenon of culture, an institutional trait of social processes and relations. The interest to the social anthropological sources and consequences of violence increases, yet still there is a lack of serious research of social discrimination, everyday racism, cultural factors of violence, especially in its extreme forms. The issues that are promoting the reproduction of violence are rarely discussed - those issues are rooted within the society, in mass consciousness, life styles, stereotypes of conduct, which embrace all spheres of the society, from family to army. The author considers an issue of tolerance formation as an important condition for the development of Russia as a state, criticizes a contemporary policy trend towards monoeulturalism and monoconfessionalism, and emphasizes the importance of education in social and cultural anthropology.
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