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"Listen to My Madness": Understanding the Experiences of People with Serious Mental Illness

Опубликовано на портале: 04-03-2007
Sociology of Health and Illness. 2005.  Vol. 27. No. 5. P. 649-669. 
This article explores the salience of disability theory for understanding the experiences of people with serious mental illness. Drawing on data from a focus group study, authors suggest that users experience both impairment (as embodied irrationality) which can, in itself, be oppressive, and also have to manage their lives within a largely disabling society. They outline some of the strategies adopted by users to manage their situation and ensure they access and receive health services, and illustrate how these are a result of the complex relationship between disability and impairment. It is suggested that using a framework of the social model of disability provides a useful way of understanding and making sense of the experience of users with serious mental illness.
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