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Some Aspects Regarding Banking Risk Management

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2007
Theoretical and Applied Economics. 2006.  Vol. 6. No. 6. P. 73-76. 
The financial and banking market is presently right in the middle of a developing and consolidating process. The banks are those institutions which can guarantee the financing for economic projects, generally speaking and particularly for the investment projects. The credit market got developed and secures financial sources for the entrepreneurs. But each and every credit is implying a less known aspect, as it is the subject of running a number of risks. The credit risk does exist; therefore, what really matters for both contracting parties is to properly evaluate it and learn about it in advance. The text below is emphasizing a number of aspects concerning the management of the credit risk (i.e. the non-payment risk, the exposure risk, the recovery risk).