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Equilibrium in Monopolistic Competition

Опубликовано на портале: 31-03-2003
Quarterly Journal of Economics. 1940.  Vol. 55. No. 1. P. 95115. 
The meaning of an imperfect market, 95.--Assumptions underlying the present analysis, 96.--I. The demand functions, 96.--II. Competitor's expectation of his rivals' behavior, 98.--His estimated demand function, 100.--III. Diagrammatic demonstration of attainment of equilibrium, 100.--IV. Equilibrium conditions for the general case, 103.--Conditions affecting the relative magnitudes of p1 and p2 equilibrium: (1) differences in demand functions, 105; different methods of estimation, 106; (3) cost differences, 106.--V. Conditions under which equilibrium is stable and economically possible, 107.--Cases where the stability conditions are not fulfilled or where equilibrium is economically impossible, 114. (Из JStore)

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