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Evidence on Weak Form Efficiency and Day of the Week Effect in the Indian Stock Market

Опубликовано на портале: 22-10-2007
Finance India. 1996.  Vol. X. No. 3. P. 605-616. 
Stock market efficiency is an important concept, for understanding the working of the capital markets particularly in emerging stock market such as India. The efficiency of the emerging markets assumes greater importance as the trend of investments is accelerating in these markets as a result of regulatory reforms and removal of other barriers for the international equity investments. There is enough evidence on market efficiency and day of the week effect in the developed markets, however, the same is not true for the emerging stock markets. This study provides empirical evidence on weak form efficiency and the day of the week effect in Bombay Stock Exchange over a period of 1987-1994. The results provide evidence of day of the week effect and that the stock market is not weak form efficient. The day of the week effect observed on the BSE pose interesting buy and hold strategy issues.

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