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Some Features of American Religiosity: An Attempt at Sociological Analysis

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Опубликовано на портале: 19-02-2008
The relationships in ecclesiastical sphere area kind and significant part of the public relations in general. They are acting through the different social interactions on the ail possible levels, from the connections between the average people till the contacts among the leaders of denominations and confessions. At the same time, ecclesiastical relationship has rather specific features. Undoubtedly, this kind of public relations is very important throughout the history of mankind, and it has not lost its significance nowadays. Moreover, the recent and the current conflicts with religious background (former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, etc.) tell us about the increasing role of religious factor in modern world. Mankind should find the way how to live in harmony in the modern pluralistic world, thus, an experience of certain parts of this world, of certain nations where such a harmony has been acquired (relatively, at least) ought to be studied rather thoroughly. 1 am inclined to think that the United States' experience in this sphere is just an example of this kind. At the same time we should point out that the evolution of religious environment here has brought about different and rather hard contradictions in this sphere of public life as well as in American society in general. Such as a contradiction between freedom for all and traditional religious values, what appears as a necessity to protect the rights of different social minorities (including sexual ones) and, from the other hand, to esteem an aspiration to save the norms (commandments) of the human relations according to the Scriptures. The article contains the analysis of interrelations among the religious communities, government, and the public in the United States, establishing the ethnic and racial connotations of such interrelations, and analysis of the participants' images as they are represented in the newspapers, and mass opinion.
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