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The Individualized Corporation: A Fundamentally New Approach to Management

Опубликовано на портале: 11-11-2004
London: Heinemann, 1998, 368 с.
This book brings together six years of research and writing by two leading thinkers on global organization. Drawing on their detailed knowledge of major corporations, including ABB, Canon, 3M, and McKinsey, Ghoshal and Bartlett argue that we are witnessing the emergence of a new and radically different organizational form. The philosophy that underpins this form focuses on the power of the individual as the driver of value creation in the company and on the importance of individuality in management. Stressing the significance of purpose, process and people, their analysis pays particular attention to creating and leveraging knowledge, building organizational capabilities as well as developing individual competence. Readers may already be familiar with some of Ghoshal and Bartlett's ideas that have been published elsewhere-but by bringing them together here, they become at once more accessible and more challenging.

    Acknowledgments: Shipmates on a Voyage of Discovery

    Part 1: Introduction: Birth of a New Corporate Model

  1. The Rediscovery of Management: From Organization Man to Individualized Corporation
  2. Rebirth of an Organization Man: One Manager's Rediscovery of Management

    Part 2: From Organization Man to Individualized Corporation

  3. Inspiring Individual Initiative: Building on a Belief in the Individual
  4. Creating and Leveraging Knowledge: From Individual Expertise to Organizational Learning
  5. Ensuring Continuous Renewal: From Refinement to Regeneration

    Part 3: Building and Managing the Individualized Corporation

  6. Shaping People's Behaviors: Changing "The Smell of the Place"
  7. Building Organizational Capabilities: The Company as a Portfolio of Processes
  8. Developing Individual Competencies: Beyond the Russian Doll Model of Management
  9. Managing the Transformation Process: A Blueprint for Corporate Renewal

    Part 4: Toward a New Corporate Era

  10. A New Moral Contract: Companies as Value-Creating Institutions
  11. The Changing Role of Top Management: Beyond Strategy, Structure, and Systems to Purpose, Process, and People

    Appendix: The Shoulders We Stood On



    About the Authors

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