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Monetary Economics

Опубликовано на портале: 09-11-2004
London, New York: Routledge, 2000, 784 с.
A comprehensive overview of advanced monetary economics, integrating the presentation of monetary theory with empirical formulations and their empirical tests. Unlike most texts this book brings together in a single unified source the core areas of monetary economics. Key features include: cross-country comparison of central banking in the US, UK and developing countries, theories and empirical studies on money demand, including precautionary and buffer stock models and monetary aggregation, detailed comparison of Keynesian and modern classical macroeconomic theoretical and policy models, a focus on the role of money and financial institutions and growth.

    Part I: Introduction and Heritage

  1. Introduction
  2. The Analysis of Money and Prices: The Heritage
  3. Part II: Money in the Economy

  4. Money in the Economy: General Equilibrium Analysis

    Part III: The Demand for Money

  5. The Transactions Demand for Money
  6. Portfolio Selection and the Speculative Demand for Money
  7. Precautionary and Buffer Stock Demand for Money
  8. The Estimating Function for the Demand of Money
  9. Monetary Aggregation
  10. The Demand Function for Money: Empirical Findings
  11. Part IV: Money Supply and Central Banking

  12. The Money Supply Process 11. The Central Bank: Goals, Tools and Guides for Monetary Policy
  13. The Central Bank: Targets, Conflicts, Independence and the Time Consistency of Policies
  14. Part V: Money in the Macroeconomy

  15. The Classical Paradigm in Macroeconomics: Neoclassical and Classical Models
  16. The Keynesian and Neokeynesian Approaches to Short Run Macroeconomics
  17. Expectations in Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy
  18. Macro Models, Policy Rules and Perspectives on the Neutrality of Money
  19. Walras' Law and the Interaction Among Markets
  20. Part VI: Money in the Open Economy

  21. The Open Economy: Exchange Rates and the Balance of Payments
  22. The Macroeconomic Model for the Open Economy
  23. Part VII: The Rates of Interest in the Economy

  24. The Macroeconomic Theory of the Rate of Interest
  25. The Structure of Interest Rates
  26. Part VIII: Overlapping Generations Models of Money

  27. The Overlapping Generations Model of Fiat Money
  28. The OLG Model: Seigniorage, Bonds and the Neutrality of Fiat Money
  29. The Olg Model of Money: Making it More Realistic
  30. Part IX: Money and Financial Institutions in Growth Economy

  31. Neoclassical Growth Theory Without Money
  32. Monetary Growth Theory

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