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Financial Liberalization

Опубликовано на портале: 02-09-2003
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001
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This volume addresses one of the most topical and controversial issues in banking and financial policy. It explains why governments have felt the need to liberalize banking and finance, for example, by privatizing banks and allowing interest rates to be set by the market. It describes how the consequences have not always been smooth, and considers how financial liberalizations could be approached better in the future. In addition to a clear and concise presentation of current theories and global experience, there are six carefully chosen country case studies.

Financial Liberalization
ISBN: 052-180-369-1
1. Introduction and overview: the case for liberalization and some pitfalls
2. Robust financial restraint
3. How interest rates changed under liberalization: a statistical review
4. Financial liberalization and financial fragility
5. Financial restraints and liberalization in post-war Europe
6. Koreas financial crisis: a consequence of uneven liberalization
7. Interest rate spreads in Mexico during liberalization
8. The financial sector in transition: tales of success and failure
9. Indonesia and India: contrasting approaches to repression and liberalization
10. Reforming finance in a low income country: Uganda
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