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Economics of Development

Опубликовано на портале: 13-07-2005
New York: W.W. Norton, 2001, 60 с.
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Adopted at more than 400 colleges and universities worldwide, «Economics of Development» remains the standard of excellence in its market. That tradition continues with this Fifth Edition in which the all-star team of authors, including newcomer Steven Radelet, introduce a number of important improvements to the book's scope and coverage. Like previous editions, this one benefits from the wide-ranging expertise of its authors, both as researchers and field practitioners, and its approach remains steadfastly pragmatic and authoritative. Now more than ever before, «Economics of Development» is the book to count on in your development course.

  1. Starting modern economic growth
  2. Growth and struclural change
  3. Development and human welfare
  4. Guiding development: markets versus controls
  5. Planning models
  6. Sustainable development
  7. Population
  8. Labor's role
  9. Education
  10. Health and nutrition
  11. Capital and saving
  12. Fiscal policy
  13. Financial policy
  14. Foreign capital
  15. Agriculture
  16. Primary exports
  17. Industry
  18. Trade and industrialization
  19. Managin in open economy
    Bibliography and additional readings