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Introduction to Development Economics

Опубликовано на портале: 13-07-2005
London: Routledge, 1995, 511 с.
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The third edition of the widely used «Introduction to Development Economics» provides a detailed analysis of the major economic issues confronting less developed countries. Although the basic principles remain unchanged, the past few years have witnessed changes in emphasis and the rise of new areas of interest. This is a comprehensive analysis of the area, with many new tables added to provide up-to-date statistical and technical data. Text introduces students to the field of development economics. Includes new material on endogenous growth theory and structural adjustment and growth.

  1. Introduction

    Section 1: The Economic Theory of Growth and Development

  2. Growth Theories and their Relevance to LDC's
  3. 3. Dual Economy Models

    Section 2: Investment, Saving and Population in LDC's

  4. Allocation of Resources: Investment Criteria
  5. Domestic Resources for Development
  6. Foreign Resources and Economic Development
  7. Industrialisation, Protection and Trade

    Section 3: Sectoral Development and Planning

  8. Sectoral Allocation of Resources: Agriculture
  9. Green Revolution and Income Distribution
  10. Policies Population, Poverty and Income Distribution, Employment and Migration (with Leo Katzen)
  11. Development Planning

    Section 4: A New Deal in Commodity Trade

  12. Structural Adjustment and Economic Growth
  13. The New International Economic Order
  14. The International Debt Crisis
  15. Development and Environment